Cherry Blossoms in Wuhan Bloom as Coronavirus-Stricken City Begins 'Restarting'

The cherry blossoms in Wuhan have begun to bloom, marking the start of spring in a city that is only just beginning to loosen lockdown restrictions after suffering heavily from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that exploded in the city this year.

This footage shows scenes from Wuhan University, where the blossoms have been growing in full force.

The university is still closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but local media outlets have been livestreaming the blossoming of the trees and chatter about them has gone viral on Chinese social platforms, according to state media.

“As the cherry blossoms fall, Wuhan is restarting,” the official Weibo account for the Wuhan Internet Information Center wrote in a post accompanying this video. Credit: Wuhan Internet Information Office via Storyful