Chair of Nobel Prize-Winning Russian Campaign Group Jailed for Criticizing Ukraine Invasion

Veteran Russian human rights campaigner Oleg Orlov has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail by a Moscow court for denouncing the war in Ukraine.

Orlov, co-chair of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization Memorial, was charged with “discrediting” the army after he published an article in 2022 in which he was critical of the invasion of Ukraine.

Video from the Russian media outlet SOTA shows Orlov, 70, placed into handcuffs immediately after the verdict on February 27.

The sentence follows a decision by state prosecutors to appeal a previous fine of 150,000 rubles given to Orlov in October.

Memorial, Russia’s oldest human rights group, was ordered to close by Russia’s supreme court in 2021. Credit: SOTA via Storyful