California Fishermen Rescue Romanian Who Fell Off Cargo Ship Near San Francisco

Fishing-charter captain Joe Gamez captured video of his fellow fishermen pulling a man out of frigid water in California’s Bay Area after he fell off a cargo ship near the Port of Oakland on October 13.

Gamez told Storyful the men aboard the Golden State Sportfishing vessel spotted the man, who is reportedly Romanian, floating in the water wearing a life vest.

According to an NBC News report, the man had been in the water for around 10 to 15 minutes and showed signs of hypothermia.

The video shows the fishermen pulling the man onto the boat. Once aboard, some of the fishermen remove the man’s wet shoes and other articles of clothing and layer jackets on him in an attempt to get him warm.

A small orange rescue boat from the cargo ship appears a short time later. The rescuers help the man onto his crew’s boat, and it departs with him aboard. Credit: Joe Gamez via Storyful