California 10-Year-Old Scares Off Stranger on Family's Property

Home security footage captured the moment a 10-year-old girl scared away a man as he approached her home in Bakersfield, California, on May 21.

The footage shows the man walking through the neighborhood before approaching the house, but fails to spot 10-year-old Lola Letourneau sitting in her family’s SUV. Lola jumped out when she saw the man moving closer to the house, yelling “hey, get off… get out of here,” prompting him to flee.

According to 23ABC News, the youngster was “helping out her mom by starting the car and turning the air conditioning on in the family’s SUV.”

Dylan Pendley, Lola’s stepfather, is quoted as saying that he had told Lola that if ever faced with such a situation to “just yell.”

“Especially with the pandemic going on, there’s a lot of people home, just scream and someone is going to come outside,” he continued.

The girl was not harmed and the family reported the incident to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, local media reported. Credit: Dylan Pendley via Storyful