Bystanders Watch as Toddler Climbs Out of 13th-Story Window in the Bronx

A 3-year-old boy climbed out of a window onto the ledge and air-conditioning unit of a 13th-story apartment in the Bronx, New York, on September 14, before being pulled back inside by his teen sister, according to local reports.

Jennifer Mares, who filmed this video, said the boy was “out on the windowsill for over 15 minutes.”

“Someone walked by and told me so I looked up and I saw the baby,” said Mares in a message to Storyful. “Everyone was yelling, scared, and afraid.”

Distressed people can be heard in this video asking where the child’s parents are, pleading for him to go back inside, and yelling up to try to get the attention of the people inside the apartment.

The New York Police Department and Fire Department of New York responded to the scene, but the boy, who is autistic, had been pulled back inside by his sister by the time they arrived, according to reports. A report from ABC7 quoting the child’s mother said he moved the sides of the air-conditioning unit and crawled out while she was inside cooking. Bars were installed in the apartment Sunday morning and no charges were filed, according to ABC7. Credit: Jennifer Mares via Storyful