Beachgoers Form Human Chain to Help Swimmers Caught in Rip Current at Florida Beach

Vacationer Brian Daniels witnessed the rescue of a man and a woman from rip currents at Panama City Beach, Florida, during Storm Barry on July 14.

Beachgoers and rescue personnel formed a human chain, though at least one rescuer nonetheless had to swim out to the pair, video shows.

The situation proved dangerous for the rescuers too. Daniels told Storyful that a “sheriff officer almost died helping out” and “had to be rescued himself”. He said he spoke to the officer, who was fortunately OK after the incident but “pretty sick from the sea water”. Nonetheless, the rescue was a success and, according to Daniels, “everyone was safe”.

Daniels told Storyful the video was recorded at around 11 am EST, while double red flags were flying to warn against swimming. On the day of filming Panama City Beach Rescue issued a plea to beachgoers to pay heed to warnings against swimming while the flags were flying.

Local reports from Panama City Beach said 40 water rescues were carried out on Sunday. One man was reported to have died in a separate incident. Credit: Brian Daniels via Storyful