Baby Boy's Face Lights Up as He Sees Snow For First Time

Snowfall can bring on the winter blues for some folks, but for a 14-month-old boy living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, it brought nothing but joy and laughter as he saw snow fall from the sky for the first time in his life.

The video shows father James holding August as the pair walk outside of their home. As snow falls around them, August’s eyes and mouth open in amazement, while his doting father looks at him and smiles.

Speaking to Storyful, James described August as “expressive” and “animated,” so knew that his son’s reaction to seeing snow for the first time would be one to remember.

“I am constantly feeling blessed that I get to watch this sweet, curious little human experience life for the first time right before my eyes,” James said. Credit: James Hanway via Storyful