'It Was Awesome': Grandma Dons Pink Unicorn Costume to Hug Grandchildren Once More

A grandma came up with a creative way to hug her grandchildren during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, on May 24.

Hugh Dillon filmed a video which shows a Grandma walking toward her grandkids in a pink unicorn costume and then hugging the kids for the first time in two months.

A boy in a red shirt is seen running towards the grandma and jumps to hug her as she approaches the house. Another boy, wearing a yellow shirt and helmet, rushes toward the grandma before saying the hug “was awesome!”

Dillon posted the video on his Instagram account and wrote in the caption that the grandma and grandchildren lived a few blocks apart and hadn’t hugged each other since March 17 because of COVID-19. Credit: Hugh Dillon via Storyful