Armed Man Hijacks Ambulance in Oslo, Strikes Pram and Injures Several

Two seven-month-old infants were among at least five people injured in Oslo on October 22 after an armed man driving a hijacked ambulance struck pedestrians and a pram, according to the Norwegian government-owned media outlet NRK.

Police said the suspect crashed a car at Rosenhoff before emerging from the wreck, aimed a gun at people, and stole an ambulance. He then drove off at high speed and was pursued by police to the neighborhood of Torshov. During the pursuit, the ambulance hit a pram carrying two children and their mother and two other people, police said. Police fired shots at the ambulance to stop it, and said no one was injured by the gunfire.

This footage shows police and stalled trams at a cordoned-off street in Torshov following the pursuit.

A 32-year-old man was arrested and charged with attempted murder following a heavy police response in the neighborhood of Torshov, NRK reported. A woman believed to have been traveling with the man in the car that crashed was also being sought, according to the latest police update.

According to NRK, police said they found “substantial amounts of drugs” a shotgun, and a semi-automatic gun inside the ambulance. Both of the suspects were previously known to the police, NRK reported.

Oslo police said that there was no immediate indication that the incident was terror-related, but said an investigation was underway. Credit: @jamaisvujk via Storyful