'Anti-Government' Protesters Burn American Flags Near Colorado Capitol on Inauguration Day

Protesters burned several American flags outside the Capitol building in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, January 20 – the same day President Joe Biden was inaugurated – local media reported.

A small group of demonstrators had marched from Denver’s Cheesman Park to the Colorado State Capitol to “demonstrate against both Democrats and Republicans, police violence, racial injustice and more,” the Denver Post said.

KDVR reported the group had intended to demonstrate again another who had threatened to hold an armed protest to voice opposition to the inauguration. However that protest never materialized, they said.

The Denver Post reported that police arrested two demonstrators on weapons charges in the city on Wednesday.

News photographer Josh Whitston, who took this footage, said the flag burners were “an anti-government group.” Credit: Denver7-KMGH via Storyful