Amazon Worker Who Wiped Saliva on Package 'No Longer Delivering' for Company

An Amazon worker has been removed from their delivery job in Los Angeles after a home security camera appeared to show them wipe off a package using their own saliva on March 26, reports say.

The recipient of the package told Storyful they smelled something on it and thought it may be dog urine, so checked their porch camera and were surprised to see what happened.

“I set the package down and was horrified to know I just sniffed his saliva,” they said. “I removed the package and set it outside.”

The resident told Storyful they were angry and scared due to the threat of the novel coronavirus, and could not get through to Amazon customer service for “many hours.”

Amazon later confirmed that the man was no longer delivering packages for them, local media reported.

The incident was also reported to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the resident said.

LAPD has circled back to interview me and pursue investigation to ensure the man mindlessly cleaned something off, and was not in fact sharing germs purposefully,” they told Storyful.

As of April 1, Los Angeles confirmed 3,037 cases of the novel coronavirus resulting in 54 deaths. Credit: @mplus.m via Storyful