Alabama Marina Destroyed and Boats Sunk by Hurricane Sally

Sportsman Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama, was left in tatters after Hurricane Sally tore through the Gulf on Wednesday, September 16.

Hurricane Sally downed trees, flooded roads, and cut power for communities across the region. Local media in Alabama said there was “extensive damage to docks, piers and boats.”

Dustin Clouatre filmed this footage that shows sunken boats and bare pilings amid debris scattered across Sportsman Marina.

Clouatre said he spent the night sleeping on a boat docked in Orange Beach while Hurricane Sally swept through. He said his boat sustained “minor” damage from the storm.

“If I told you the last four hours were fun, I would be lying. It was no joke for about two hours straight,” Clouatre said about riding out the storm on the boat. Credit: Dustin Clouatre via Storyful