Aid Enters Gaza Strip Through Northern Crossing, Israel Says

Aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip through the Erez Crossing on Thursday, April 11, Israeli officials said, marking the first use of the crossing since the start of the war.

Footage released by COGAT, the Israeli organization coordinating and facilitating humanitarian aid for Gaza, shows trucks and cars in the dark.

COGAT said the aid crossed into the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday.

The IDF announced that they would start using the crossing on this date.

The trucks were checked at Kerem Shalom in the south of the Gaza Strip prior to entry, COGAT said.

Getting aid to Gaza has been an ongoing struggle, UNICEF said in March.

COGAT has repeatedly blamed hold-ups in aid delivery on the UN, saying on April 11 that “the bottlenecks are not on the Israeli side.” Credit: COGAT via Storyful

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