87-Year-Old's Need for Speed Finally Fulfilled After Months in Isolation

An 87-year-old woman with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease got the chance to indulge her newfound passion for fast cars again recently, after months in coronavirus isolation.

In video by her son and carer Jason, Hendrika van Genderen can be heard saying “vroooom” from the passenger seat as Jason accelerates.

The amiable grandmother has been confined to her home for the last three months, but the easing of restrictions gave her an opportunity to return to the roads once again.

Speaking to Storyful, Jason van Genderen said, “She never learned to drive, but has recently discovered a passion for driving fast.”

He added, “Having spent almost three months in home isolation, my mum loves nothing better than a quick spin around the neighborhood. It brings the sweetest joy to her.” Credit: Jason van Genderen via Storyful