3,000 Camels Evacuated From Tripoli Overnight After Port Comes Under Fire

Three thousand camels were evacuated from the port in Tripoli, Libya, in the early hours of February 20 after the area was subjected to artillery fire by forces loyal to Gen Khalifa Haftar on February 18, according to reports.

This video shows the herd, who were imported from Australia, walking through the center of the city just after midnight. They walked 30 miles west, to the city of Zawiya.

Reuters reported that a local armed group stole 125 of the camels as they passed through the suburb of Janzour on their way to Zawiya.

Al Jazeera reported that missiles struck the port’s wharf and surrounding facilities on February 18.

The United Nations–backed Government of National Accord shared video on February 19 that they said showed the aftermath of the attack on the port. Credit: EAlghlali via Storyful