Video shows Ukrainian drone taking out a jet ski with 2 Russian soldiers who were attempting to cross the Dnipro River

  • Drones targeted Russian troops crossing the Dnipro River on a jet ski, said Ukraine's defense ministry.

  • The video, released by Ukraine’s 79th State Border Guard Service, appears to show the attack.

  • Russia has been using an eclectic mix of vehicles, including motorcycles and golf cart-style buggies.

Footage shared by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine appears to show Russian soldiers crossing the Dnipro River on a jet ski being taken out by a drone.

The video, released by Ukraine's 79th State Border Guard Service, appears to show the Russian soldiers being targeted by Ukrainian FPV drones.

The drone tracks the jet ski as it crosses the river. When the Russian soldiers reach the opposing bank, the drone hones in and hits the jet ski.

The caption accompanying the video reads: "The SBGSU aerial reconnaissance unit struck at an enemy crew on a jet ski in the Kherson region with FPV drones. The deaths of the invaders are being clarified."

Business Insider could not independently verify the video or details of the attack.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine later posted the video saying, "The occupiers tried to cross the Dnipro and received a "warm welcome" from the warriors of the 79th detachment."

Former Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in March formation of the Dnipro River "Flotilla" and a "riverboat brigade."

The Dnipro, a natural barrier, forms much of the frontline in southern Ukraine.

Russian forces have adopted various eclectic vehicles in recent months in an attempt to replenish dwindling equipment and adapt to the continued challenges and threats posed by Ukrainian attack drones.

In April, a Russian-backed battalion from the breakaway Luhansk People's Republic posted a video in which they appeared to attack Ukrainian positions on motorcycles.

In the video, several troops can be seen on motorbikes riding over rough, cross-country terrain. According to the post, the Russian assault was successful.

Quad bikes have also been used in Russian assaults, according to reports.

Russia has also used Chinese-built open-top golf cart-style vehicles near the frontline in Ukraine.

A screenshot from a video appearing to show Russia using a Chinese-made Desertcross 1000-3 all-terrain vehicle in Ukraine.
A screenshot from a video appearing to show Russia using a Chinese-made Desertcross 1000-3 all-terrain vehicle in Ukraine.Ukraine's 60th Mechanized Brigade/Facebook

In March, Forbes reporter David Axe noted that the vehicles lack armor and weaponry and are typically seen on farms and construction sites, not on the battlefield.

"It's reckless, if not insane, to deploy an open-top, unarmored all-terrain vehicle — in essence, a heavy-duty golf cart — in combat just a quarter mile from the front line," Axe wrote at the time.

The vehicles were being used to transport infantry to the frontline, per Forbes, and the video shows them being struck by shells and explosives dropped from drones.

Russians have also been seen modifying their armor in an attempt to protect them from drones and anti-tank fire.

Since the early days of the war, Russia has fitted crude metal structures on their tanks to protect occupants from anti-tank fire better.

This tactic has evolved into what has been dubbed a "turtle tank," so extensively covered with metal sheeting that the vehicle can barely turn its gun.

The ever-present threat of drones on the battlefields of Ukraine has pushed troops to experiment to boost their chances of survival. On April 5, Ukrainian forces said they captured a Russian tank covered completely in electronic jamming equipment. However, the vehicle was still seen being taken out by a first-person view drone.

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