Video Shows Another Angle of Viral Bear Chase at Transylvania Ski Resort

A new video has emerged showing another angle of a viral incident where a bear chased a skier in the mountain resort town of Predeal in Transylvania, Romania, on Saturday, January 23.

The first part of the video, captured by fellow skier Daniel Jenei, shows a bear lingering near the base of the slope before running into the woods. The second half shows the bear running toward a lone skier on the slope.

Jenei told Storyful a crowd of skiers spotted a bear on one of the slopes, and a ski-patrol monitor at the resort asked the crowd of skiers not to go down the slope or approach the bear.

After the initial bear sighting, Jenei, who was on a chairlift at the time, said the bear suddenly ran out of the woods straight toward a skier on the slope.

“We in the chairlift shouted at him that there was a bear behind him, and then the skier noticed him,” said Jenei. “I told him not to look back and increase his speed, but the skier was not scared at all. When he reached the bottom, the skier threw the backpack, and the bear went to the backpack and tried to eat it.”, and the bear went to the backpack and tried to eat it.”

The viral incident even rated an article on the fact-checking site Snopes because of the widely believed myth that bears can’t run downhill. Credit: Daniel Jenei via Storyful