This Video Proves That Toothpaste Is The Secret To Hanging Pictures

Kelly Corbett
Photo credit: TikTok / @aliyarinald

From House Beautiful

Hanging a picture frame on a fresh, unpierced wall is easier said than done. You might think you've picked the perfect spot to hammer your nail, but then you hang up your frame and, well, it's just a little bit off (we've all been there). Now, the wall is punctured, and every time you walk past you'll be reminded of your faulty hammer job. Sigh.

Luckily, hanging up a photo or creating your own gallery wall doesn't have to be so stressful. TikTok user @aliyarinaldi shared a video on the platform that shows how to hammer and hang a picture frame *exactly* where you want it. What’s her secret? Toothpaste.

Rinaldi notes that she learned this life hack from her mother, who is an interior designer. As she explains the hack, her husband is shown following her instructions. He begins the video by squeezing a little bit of toothpaste on the outside of the nail hook hanger on the back of the photo frame. Then he goes to the wall and lays out where to hang the frame (note: you should have a friend or family member stand a few feet behind you to help you judge!). Once the photo is precisely positioned, he presses down a little, allowing the toothpaste to naturally leave its mark on the wall. He then puts the photo down and hammers a nail into the toothpaste dab. Using a tissue, he wipes the remaining paste away. Behold, the nail is exactly where it should be—nailed it!

Users praised the hack in the comments. "I've spent way too much angrily trying to draw pencil dots, one user writes, thanking Rinaldi for sharing. Another user wrote "once again TikTok has taught me something." One user chimed in with an alternative, noting that the children's molding compound, Play-Doh, also works and makes less of a mess. Looks like this hack is TikTok-approved and it might just add a little bit of minty freshness to the walls.

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