VIDEO: This Malaysian GE15 candidate got schooled by a Chinese auntie on clean politics

In Malaysia, it is uncommon for people to go up to politicians and give them a piece of one’s mind.

However, the rarity did not stop one woman from speaking up during a conversation with one of the 15th general election candidates for Segambut.

In the video above, a woman named Karen (no, not that kind of Karen), was seen lecturing Segambut’s Barisan Nasional candidate, Daniel Ling, on politics.

“My name is Karen and we had a conversation just now. So what I wanna say is at the end of the day Malaysians must vote for this GE15 because at the end of the day it is for the future generation.”

“We must drain the swamp and any corruption must be gone because this is the future of Malaysia,” she told Daniel.

“Of course. We do not want corruption. We want a fair government. We want a stable government and we want the government to be stable so that investors can come in and the country can prosper,” Daniel replied.

He was then interrupted by Karen who responded with, “This all sounds very good but you ask BN, what have you all done for Malaysia for the past fifty-odd years? We have lost a lot of money…”

A series of interruptions then ensued between the two, with both trying to get their points across.

The GE15 candidate said as someone running for parliament, he will try his best to help the people of Segambut if he wins, however, he can only do so much for the people as there are limitations.

“I cannot promise you the sky and the moon because I have limitations. I’m not like other people who promise everything. I can only do within my limitations,” he said.

What followed included a lot of “my mother said…” from Daniel.

“When I was young, my mom would say ‘if you cannot do something, you must not promise’, when you promise, my mother said you will lose your reputation, your confidence and trust with other people, your image and your respect.”

“At the end, my mother said I also will lose my face. The wisdom and principles I learn today are from my parents, my mother,” he said.

To this, Karen replied in Mandarin “At the end of the day, my parents taught me … cannot steal people’s things, cannot steal people’s money but Malaysia is already corrupted.” (translation)

As she was saying this, the Segambut candidate appeared uncomfortable and said he had to leave while slowly moving out of the camera frame.

Malaysians will head to the polls on Nov. 19.


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