Video game releases: 'Cthulhu Saves Christmas,' 'Stramium Immortaly,' 'Brain Age: Nintendo Switch Training'

Cthulhu and pals team up again to rescue Saint Nicolas in 'Cthulhu Saves Christmas.'

A tentacle-faced representation of cosmic horror is roped into Yuletide tradition, wild apparitions rearrange themselves as a space empire falls, Nintendo gives our grey matter a gentle massaging, and ancient temples suffer digital glitches among this week's video game releases.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas (with Cosmic Star Heroine free)
PC via Steam, GOG

[Trailer 1:]
Santa's been captured by the League of Christmas Evil and it's up to the lord of cosmic horror, tentacled grouch Cthulhu, to rescue him and get his own powers back at the same time.

Brain Age: Nintendo Switch Training
Nintendo Switch (Japan; international release January 3, 2020)

[Announcement Trailer:]
Different brain exercises to challenge players in the realms of information processing speed, short-term memory, and even self-control. The classic mini-games are joined by a new set that uses the Switch's Joy-Cons and an infra-red motion camera that can detect fingers and hand shapes. Known as "Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch" in European and Australian regions.

Straimium Immortaly
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (previously on PC)

[Console trailer:]
A demanding side-scrolling shooter pushed through a pulsating fever dream with customizable, procedurally generated levels. Travel from room to room, knocking down boss monsters to save the galaxy from the Queeni empire.

Silver Falls: 3 Down Stairs
Nintendo 3DS (North America; international release January 9, 2020)

Coming up to two years after its Nintendo Switch successor launched, the 3DS is still receiving new games even if from unlikely quarters. Independently made, this small-studio horror mystery is set in a mountainous forest where strange lights have been seen in the sky and each animal encounter could be fatal. A "Groundhog Day" feature means that starting over doesn't mean starting from scratch. Two sequels are already scheduled for 2020.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (previously on PC)

[Announce Trailer:]
Unnerving horror adventure which involves searching the innards of a cursed temple with plenty of glitch effects that send the game's dark Lovecraftian aesthetic teetering towards the more disturbing end of the scale.