New video game release: 'Luna: The Shadow Dust'

Hand-animated adventure "LUNA The Shadow Dust" tells a wordless story of a boy in a rabbit hat and his plump cat-like companion.

[Final Launch Date Trailer:]

In a strange, dream-like world, a nameless main character falls from the dark sky and lands, cradled by a bubble, on a desolate landscape.

That wasteland hides an invisible tower whose ascending levels contain puzzling locked doors and room-size illustrated origin stories.

There are no words in "LUNA The Shadow Dust", which trades on an expressive cartoon-style animation and traditional point & click gameplay.

Made by Lantern Studio, a four-person, all-Chinese team dispersed across three continents, it was crowdfunded to the tune of £17,570 ($23k USD) in 2016 by an international fanbase and is now available through German company Application Systems Heidelberg and, in China, Coconut Island Games.

"LUNA The Shadow Dust" clocks in at around 3 to 4 hours, if players don't get too stuck in some of the more challenging rooms. Released on February 13,  it has accrued a 96% positive user rating from an initial wave of Steam users.

It's available for $19.99 USD from Steam in Mac, PC and Linux versions.