Video diary of Wuhan couple shows loving husband caring for coronavirus-infected nurse wife (VIDEO)

Melanie Chalil

Tang Hai attends to his wife Li Ting, an emergency room nurse who was infected with Covid-19 after tending to patients. — Screengrab from YouTube/Ergeng Video

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 17 — A Wuhan man’s dedication to his wife who is stricken by the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) is the literal embodiment of “in sickness and in health.”

Tang Hai’s wife Li Ting is an emergency room nurse in a Wuhan hospital who was infected with the virus after tending to coronavirus patients.

After she was tested positive, Tang, who is a cameraman working with video production company Ergeng Video suited up and carried out his duties as a loving husband to make his wife’s condition more bearable.

He also thought it would be a good idea to film their journey as a couple battling the virus, hoping the videos will lift his wife’s spirits as well as those infected with Covid-19.

Their story is documented in a series of YouTube videos titled Our Coronavirus Diary which has been making its rounds on social media since last week.

The videos capture Tang and Li’s daily life as they are quarantined at home.

Li is isolated in a room while Tang does the cooking and cleaning, bringing her nourishing meals to boost her energy levels and disinfecting her room.

Tang makes sure he wears a protective suit so he doesn’t catch the virus.

Despite the high risk of contagion, Tang goes above and beyond to make his wife happy from giving her an ang pow during the Lunar New Year celebrations to comforting her during an emotional breakdown when she said she was “sad” and “suffering”.

Viewers later on find out that the couple have a young son who has been sent far away to keep him safe from the virus.

They keep in touch with their son via video calls and in one instance, the young boy can be heard saying “I miss you.”

There are 14 episodes of Tang and Li’s coronavirus diary.

The most recent episode which premiered on February 15 is the last episode for now as Tang takes a break from making videos to concentrate on Li, who is currently hospitalised.

Watched by thousands of viewers from all over the globe, followers of Tang and Li’s story have been flooding the comments section with words of encouragement and well wishes as they overcome the deadly virus that has infected more than 70,500 people in China.

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