Video clip of Taiwanese actor River Huang masturbating goes viral on internet

Sylvia Looi
A clip showing Taiwanese actor River Huang masturbating in a temple went viral recently. ― Picture via Facebook/ River Huang Official

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 ― The internet is abuzz with a viral clip showing Golden Bell Award best actor winner River Huang masturbating in a temple.

Quoting a Taiwanese magazine, Sin Chew Daily reported that the 109-second clip showed the stark naked actor ― River Huang ― masturbating.

Huang, 30, won the Golden Bell Award in 2012.

It is an annual Taiwanese television production award presented in October or November each year by the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, a division of Taiwan's Ministry of Culture.

In the clip, Huang was standing in front of a table while holding his penis and caressing it.

“On and off, Huang can be heard moaning and as he was about to ejaculate, he can be heard uttering the F-word,” the daily said.

Based on the background, it is believed that Huang had filmed the act in a temple, which he had stayed in while filming a series years ago.

As to why only now that the clip is viralled, the magazine speculated that it could be due to Huang's complicated personal life.

Huang was previously reported to have up to 80 girlfriends in two years and some of these girlfriends found out he was cheating on them.

“It could be because of these relationship debts that forced them to release the clip,” the magazine said.

When contacted for comments, Huang's manager confirmed that the actor did reveal the incident to the company.

“But the company normally does not question the personal life of artistes. Huang is a professional actor. He is not an idol,” added the manager.

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