Video Captures Stampede Injuring 12 at Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Pennsylvania

Perceived gunfire during a fight at a basketball tournament in Manheim, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, August 1, led to a stampede that left 12 people injured, according to local police.

Six people were transported to local hospitals and about six others were treated on the scene, according to the East Hempfield Police Department.

Several people reported hearing a gunshot at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex when responders arrived at the scene, the department wrote in a press release.

Police had no witnesses who could confirm seeing a gun and there were no victims of gunfire as of Monday, the department said.

On Monday, Spooky Nook Sports released a statement saying, “This was a very emotional experience for everyone involved – from the guests to our employees. We now know that security footage showed no evidence of a guest with a gun. However, it doesn’t make the moment any less terrifying. We continue to prioritize the safety and security of anyone who comes into our facility and will continue to take steps to ensure just that.”

East Hempfield Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident. Credit: Anthony Enos via Storyful

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