Video that appears to show IDF soldier threatening mutiny in Gaza shared by son of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, say reports

  • Benjamin Netanyahu's son shared a video of an alleged masked reservist, reports said.

  • His speech appears to threaten a mutiny of IDF soldiers in Gaza.

  • The IDF has opened a criminal investigation into the incident.

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a video appearing to show an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reservist threatening a mutiny if the Israeli government did not push for "complete victory" over Hamas, The Times of Israel reported.

The IDF has since announced that it is opening a criminal investigation into the video, which was shared on Telegram by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Yair, saying in a statement that it represents a "serious violation of IDF orders and IDF values, and constitutes a suspicion of criminal offences," per NBC News.

The man identifying himself as an Israel Defense Forces reservist is masked, holding a weapon, and standing in what appears to be ruins of a building with Hebrew graffiti on the wall nearby. It could not be verified where the video was filmed.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the video is for you," said the alleged soldier.

"We reservist soldiers do not intend to hand the keys over to any Palestinian authority," the man says in the video, per The Times of Israel. "We do not intend to give the keys to Gaza to any entity — Hamas, Fatah, or any other Arab entity. Reservist soldiers are behind you, and we want to win."

The alleged reservist also demanded that Yoav Gallant, Israel's defense minister, resign.

"Yoav Gallant, you can't win the war. Quit," the man said, adding that 100,000 reservists would place themselves at the border and refuse to move, per reports.

We will show you what a victory is, and we will show you how real Jews win," he said.

Benjamin Netanyahu's office issued a statement:: "The Prime Minister is consistent in this position; he completely rejects any display of refusal to serve from any side whatsoever and expects all official agencies to deal with it uniformly."

The release of the 'mutiny" footage follows another video that circulated on social media earlier this week that appeared to show an Israeli soldier in Gaza burning a copy of the Quran, Islam's holiest book. The IDF said on Friday it was investigating the alleged incident, said The Times of Israel.

Netanyahu's son, Yair, 32, who is believed to live in a luxury apartment near Miami, Florida, is a controversial figure in Israel.

Yair Netanyahu, son of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Yair Netanyahu, son of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Yair Netanyahu/X

The Times of Israel described him as "a prolific right-wing agitator on social media." He was alleged to have sway over his father and had once influenced his decision to sack a minister in Netanyahu's government.

The video furor comes after the International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor formally requested arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant earlier this month.

Karim Khan said he had "reasonable grounds to believe" that the two men, who have been in charge of Israel's offensive in Gaza since Hamas' October 7 attacks, "bear criminal responsibility" for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Khan also issued arrest warrants for three Hamas leaders.

Business Insider contacted the IDF for comment.

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