Victoria Freediver Rescues Port Jackson Shark From Fishing Line

A Port Jackson shark was rescued from a fishing line before it was returned to the water, thanks to the quick thinking of a freediver based in Victoria, Australia.

Jules Casey, who is also a keen photographer had just finished a diving session when she noticed a woman pulling the young shark from the water nearby.

“I ran down to the end of the pier to see if she was able to release it,” Casey wrote in an Instagram post featuring footage of the rescue, adding that the woman was “struggling to remove the hook.”

“Thankfully she handed me the shark to quickly remove the hook and return it to the water,” she added.

Casey often posts footage of what she sees below the waves at Port Phillip Bay to her OneBreathDiver Instagram account, where she has over 112,000 followers.

Her work documents interesting marine life, as well as dangers posed to underwater creatures by pollution. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

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