Victims of 2021 train crash near KLCC to sue Malaysian public transport company

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RapidRail and Prasarana are being sued by eight people for alleged negligence relating to injuries sustained during the May 20, 2021 Kelana Jaya LRT crash.

They all identified themselves as LRT riders and claimed to have boarded the train at the KLCC station around 8pm on May 24, 2021.

213 passengers were hurt when an LRT train carrying passengers collided with an empty train between the KLCC and Kg Baru stations.

The Vibes reported that all plaintiffs claim they were in good physical and mental health prior to the accident in the statement of claim submitted to the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Mar. 9.

All eight parties to the lawsuit asserted that the collision caused physical injuries and other losses.

Lacerations on the head, broken teeth, concussions, and depression were among the injuries sustained by the victims.

The plaintiffs are all requesting general and special damages from the court.

Although the plaintiffs are asking the court for advice on how to quantify some claims, the total amount claimed against both companies has not yet been determined.

“The LRT accident, where all plaintiffs were present, was caused by the negligence of both defendants.

“The negligence of both defendants have resulted in physical injuries and other losses towards all plaintiffs,” the statement of claim said.

Furthermore, all plaintiffs alleged that both RapidRail and Prasarana failed to ensure their passengers were safe in their LRT trains.

All plaintiffs also accused Prasarana’s former non-executive chairman Tajuddin Abdul Rahman of being cynical about the accident during his press conference the day after the accident.

“Tajuddin made jokes during the press conference by saying the trains ‘kissed each other’.

“At the same press conference, Tajuddin was also seen laughing on live telecasts,” the statement of claim added.

The suit was filed by Tengku Amalie Alauddin Shah, Marvena Jitol, Riezariel Haeqal, Rozita Che Rus, Ng Siow Nee, Siti Nuralliah Hashim, Nurul Athirah Mohd K. Jayabee and Muhammad Firdaus Bin Mohd Saleh.


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