'Vicious' Squirrel Injures at Least 18 People in North Wales Town

A squirrel injured at least 18 people over two days in a Welsh town, before the animal was captured and put down by a veterinarian on December 27, North Wales Live reported.

According to North Wales Live, the animal attacked multiple residents in the town of Buckley in northeast Wales, where locals dubbed the animal “Stripe” after an evil character from the movie Gremlins.

Some residents detailed their encounters with the squirrel on Facebook, labeling it “vicious.”

Buckley resident Corinne Reynolds, who had befriended the squirrel, captured this footage before its behavior changed. She eventually captured the animal in a humane trap and it was taken in by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), where it was put to sleep after a veterinary examination, according to Reynolds.

“He really has only just had altered behavior the last four or five days. I noticed he was acting a bit erratic, hence why I felt he had ongoing issues inside,” Reynolds told Storyful.

“I am sad at the ending,” Reynolds said. “But due to the amount of people being attacked, and my grandson, who’s only two, playing in the garden, I couldn’t risk him being bitten.” Credit: Corinne Elizabeth Reynolds via Storyful

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