Very Tall Cop Squeezes Into San Diego Patrol Car

The San Diego Police Department has no height requirements for officers, but joked that they would consider a maximum as it shared video of a 6-foot-8-inch police officer squeezing into the driver’s seat of a Ford Crown Victoria patrol car.

Video shared by the department on December 4 shows Officer Burnett ducking his head down and bending his body to get in to the car, prompting laughter from the person filming him.

After the camerawoman grabs a shot of Burnett’s limited head space, he draws her attention to his legs, which are pushed right up to the dashboard.

“This is all the way back in a Crown Vic,” an uncomfortable Burnett says of the seat’s maneuverability. “Am I getting out?” he asks before the video ends. Credit: San Diego Police Department via Storyful