'A Very Sad Day': Man Smashes Liquor Bottles at Ireland Tesco Store

A man was filmed smashing wine and liquor bottles at a Tesco store in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland, on October 21, local reports said.

“A very sad day watching all the whiskey and wine gone to waste,” wrote Martin Quinn, who took this video.

According to Quinn, the incident happened late morning on Wednesday.

Reports said the police were investigating, and while it was unknown what provoked the man, but he “was not wearing a mask and it is though [sic] that he became upset when asked to do so.”

Local reports said the man refused bail terms, which included staying away from all Tesco locations in the country and remaining sober, and was set to appear in court on October 23. A judge directed that the man receive a psychiatric evaluation, the report said. Credit: Martin Quinn via Storyful