Vermont Rep. Peter Welch Posts Updates From Locked-Down Capitol Building

Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont provided updates from the House Chamber in Washington on January 6, as Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol building while lawmakers gathered to count electoral votes to affirm the presidential victory of Joe Biden.

Welch, speaking from inside the House Chamber, tells followers that “police just announced there was a breach,” adding that “somebody or some people got into the building past security.”

Welch said the chambers had been locked down by security. “Everything seems safe but they’re taking no chances,” he says in the video.

In his following clip, Welch reports they’ve been ordered to put on gas masks. “We were just told there has been tear gas in the rotunda, and we’re being instructed to, each of us, to get gas masks that are under our seats.” Credit: Rep. Peter Welch via Storyful