Verizon teams up with Pacific Northwest National Lab to develop 5G broadband applications

Alan Boyle

Verizon says it’s bringing its 5G ultra wideband wireless network to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., and will collaborate with the lab on 5G applications that can benefit everything from chemistry research to electrical grid protection to the needs of first responders.

  • PNNL is the first national laboratory to go with Verizon’s 5G high-bandwidth network. “With Verizon, we plan to explore how cybersecurity will underpin 5G for critical infrastructure, ahd how 5G will drive transformation in the protection of endpoint devices, advancement of artificial intelligence, the science behind autonomous systems and related Internet of Things applications,” Scott Godwin, general manager of corporate partnerships and alliances at PNNL, said today in a Verizon news release.
  • Verizon operates five 5G Labs in the U.S., plus another lab in London. to develop ultra wideband use cases for industries ranging from health care to public safety and entertainment. One of Verizon’s labs specializes in 5G applications for first responders.
  • PNNL plans to advise federal sponsors on how 5G could impact their operations and infrastructure. The national lab is also partnering with the University of Washington, T-Mobile and other tech leaders in the 5G Open Innovation Lab in Bellevue, Wash.

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