Venomous Snake Found Inside Gold Coast Childcare Centre

A red-bellied black snake was scooped out of a childcare centre classroom on the Gold Coast, Queensland, on February 21.

Video filmed by Timothy Hudson, a snake catcher, shows Hudson removing a backpack from a locker to pull out the snake.

Hudson told Storyful that staff at the childcare centre had noticed the snake just as nap time finished. The staff quickly ushered out the children and sealed the classroom while they waited for Hudson to remove the snake.

Hudson successfully removed and then relocated the reptile. Credit: Timothy Hudson via Storyful

Video transcript

- --hadn't done that, then it can be-- I can see it. Red belly.


- It's little.

- No, it's not a baby.

- Oh, it's not a baby.

- No.

- Where's mum and dad?

- Mom and dad will be long gone, probably retired and digging into their superannuation by now, he's not a baby.

- He's not a baby.

- No, no.