Venomous Black Mamba Discovered Under Grill Lid in Durban

A venomous black mamba snake hid under a braai, or grill, in Westville, Durban, providing a homeowner with an frightening sight after they opened its lid.

After being called to the scene on December 29, local snake catcher Nick Evans then removed the snake, but not before filming footage of the cosy reptile and posting it on his Facebook page.

“On this call it was suspected to be a black mamba,” Evans told Storyful.

“As I lifted the lid of the gas braai, I could immediately see it was one. It was hiding in there, scared after seeing the homeowner.”

However, Evans also insisted that the snake, although highly venomous, didn’t present great danger.

“Black mambas are very misunderstood animals,” he added. "They always choose to flee or hide if given the choice.

“In Durban, bites are very rare, but when bites happen it’s often because someone has tried to kill or catch one.”

He estimated that the snake measured two meters in length, thus making it a “pretty easy catch”. Credit: Nick Evans via Storyful

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