Venice Slowly Comes Back to Life as Italy Eases Lockdown Restrictions

Venice, Italy, has slowly been reawakening as lockdown restrictions were eased nationwide, video posted on Friday, June 12, shows.

Footage recorded by Nohmei Angelie Maghari shows boats on the city’s canals, and streets with a smattering of activity. People can also be seen gathering on bridges and at famous landmarks such as Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Maghari told Storyful that the city has been “calmer” with “fewer tourists” and “cleaner canals.”

Italy has allowed European tourists apart from UK residents to visit the country without entering quarantine. Travel between regions of Italy has also been permitted since June 3. However, there were demonstrations in Venice on Saturday protesting the negative effects of mass tourism on the city.

Italy has been one of the countries worst affected by COVID-19, with 237,828 confirmed cases and 34,448 deaths as of June 17. Credit: Nohmei Angelie Maghari via Storyful