Venezuelan brings new value to discarded banknotes

These discarded banknotes have been given a new value

Location: Valencia, Venezuela

Venezuelan artist Elianni Di Gregorio uses old bolivar notes as canvas

after rampant hyper inflation and successive overhauls saw them discarded


''I've been doing it since around 2017, when I noticed how our currency was being thrown in the trash in incredible amounts. That shocked me and I decided to reuse the notes by painting over them. Up to that point I only painted on canvas, using charcoal and other techniques that I liked."

Venezuela has gone through three monetary overhauls since 2018

The most recent one took place in October 2021

when the central bank wiped six zeros from the bolivar

SOUNDBITE (Spanish) VISUAL ARTIST AND MEDICINE STUDENT, ELIANNI DI GREGORIO, SAYING :''I want to change people's perspective so when they look at these devaluated banknotes they don't think about the negative impact they had in our lives, which in many cases were destroyed economically, emotionally. When they see a bolivar that is completely worthless it conjures up all those negative memories and thoughts. With this I'm trying to prove that good things start within ourselves, if we can do something positive for our country, we must do it, not just say we will. My way of contributing to the Venezuela I want for the future is by revaluating these notes that used to be worthless.''

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