Velveeta introduces cheese-infused martini

STORY: Would you try this

cheese-infused martini?

It’s called a 'Veltini'

The cocktail was created by

Velveeta and the BLT Group

(Paul Gioe, BLT Restaurant Group)

"I think it's a well-executed cocktail. I'd have a second one, which I think is a good sign of a cocktail.”

It's made using cheese-infused vodka

And garnished with a cheese

drip, cheese-stuffed olives

and Velveeta shells and cheese

(Kelsey Rice, Senior Brand Communications Manager for Velveeta)

"It is an outrageous take on a classic martini. Now the fun part, which is why would we do this? So Velveeta as a brand and we just rebranded and came out with a whole new campaign in 2021, all around this idea called La Dolce Velveeta, and that campaign is rooted in our new brand purpose, which is, Velveeta exists to make outrageous pleasure a way of life. And so from that purpose, the campaign was born La Dolce Velveeta.”

The 'Veltini' is available at select

BLT locations for a limited time

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