Veiled Women Carrying Pro-Taliban Placards March in Kabul

Video released by the Taliban shows a group of veiled women who gathered in Kabul on September 11, and marched carrying placards with pro-Taliban, pro-Islamic slogans.

Tweets by Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem cited the women as saying they “support the Islamic system” and do not want “so-called rights of women who go against Islam.”

The women, in veils and black gowns, were seen holding signs with slogans such as “Our rights are safe in Islam” and “Women who left Afghanistan cannot represent us.”

The New York Times cited the Taliban as saying the event was “organized by female university lecturers and students.” The paper described how the women were flanked by gunmen, with reporters kept away from them and not allowed speak to them.

Such scenes were in contrast to the treatment meted out to female protesters opposing the Taliban. Video from one recent march showed a member of the Taliban beating women. Other videos showed gunfire being used to disperse another march, as the Taliban said it was banning all unauthorized protest. Credit: Taliban via Storyful

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