Vehicles Line Up for Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing in Birmingham, Alabama

Vehicles formed a long line outside Assurance Scientific Labs in Birmingham, Alabama, on March 13, as the private lab opened two drive-through testing centers for COVID-19.

This video shows vehicles waiting in a blocks-long line to turn into the parking lot of the lab’s office at Acton Road.

Another testing center has been opened at Memorial Drive in nearby Bessemer.

According to WBRC, those with symptoms, or those who have been exposed to people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, can receive testing. On March 11, the FDA provided Assurance with pre-market clearance to begin administering the test, WBRC added.

On their site, Assurance said, “Once we receive a patient sample, it will be processed and results will be available within 4 hours.”

Drive-through centers have opened in Texas, California, Washington, and New York.

President Trump declared the novel coronavirus pandemic a national emergency on March 13, allowing the White House to mobilize the Federal Emergency Management Agency and direct federal aid to states hit by the virus outbreak, according to reports Credit: Wayne Pullen via Storyful