New VE members decide to depart from group

7 Dec - The four members of VE or Voices Of Euphonious - Cham, Adeep Nahar, Hakim and Fakhiz - recently announced that they are leaving the group.

The R&B quartet shared the news in a media event held recently, with Adeep - one of the newest members of the group - thanking the other members for accepting him back in 2018.

"I am honoured to have been a part of this group, since it's one of the best R&B groups in Malaysia. But today, I choose to leave and not have anything to do with the group anymore," he said.

The three other members also supported Adeep, and announced their own departure. Cham, who spoke about the issue within VE, stated that he is saddened that member Zaf tried to control everything even after deciding to withdraw from competing in "Gegar Vaganza 9".

Earlier, Zaf, one of the earliest members of VE aside from Shahir and Lah Ahmad, stated that the four members should be using a new group name if they want to continue to perform after GV9, saying that the four are not even the original members of the group, which was established as early as 1997.

Cham, Adeep Nahar, Hakim and Fakhiz are departing from VE
Cham, Adeep Nahar, Hakim and Fakhiz are departing from VE

(Photo Source: Cham Khalil IG, myMetro)