Variety honors 'Power of Women' in annual event

STORY: This year the U.S. publication honored Drew Barrymore, Camila Cabello, Kim Cattrall, Queen Latifah, Amanda Seyfried and Venus Williams.

Each woman were celebrated for the philanthropic efforts for various charities.

Cabello said she realized at a young age her fame came with much responsibility.

“I think that being in the, in a public spotlight, while things are happening in the world and being able to have a platform where I can speak about them, whether it was like, you know, immigration and ICE."

She added, "That's pretty cool that I, you know, that there's people kind of listening to what I have to say."

Seyfried said it took her awhile to find her voice, but that she is speaking louder than ever before.

“You know, I've always been aware that, like, I've - what I say does matter to certain people…So, therefore you take advantage of it sometimes,” said the actress.

Comedian Sarah Silverman presented Seyfried with her honor.

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