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'It floats!': This top-rated waterproof Bluetooth speaker is over 70% off — just $34

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Pool weather is near (and in some parts of the world, it's already here — Georgia is seeing temps near 90 degrees)! When the heat climbs that high, we have only these five words on our minds: Time to hit the pool! Of course, the beach will work, too. Get yourself ready for balmy days with this portable Vanzon Bluetooth speaker. It can provide the beats while you beat the heat — and right now, it's on sale for $34, which is over 70% off.

All-day power and a waterproof design mean you can keep the music going for as long as you want to hang at the pool.
$34 at Amazon

The Vanzon Bluetooth Speaker is covered with a sturdy, durable silicone frame that keeps out the water. In fact, it's so effective at waterproofing the speaker that some fans just let the device float in the water with them. "We wanted a waterproof speaker for fishing in the boat," one happy user said. "It has great sound and is definitely waterproof. However, I'm writing this review because this speaker floats! I was on the dock when the speaker fell, hit once, and then splashed in the water. Of course, I was too late to catch it. While I was lying on the dock, my husband was going to grab the net to see if we could scoop it off the bottom of the lake. That's when I saw it, just floating on the water. I was so happy and relieved! It continues to work just like always."

The sound quality is nothing to sneeze at, either. Two of these can easily be paired together to double the volume, but a single speaker is enough for most events. It has a wireless range of up to 66 feet, which is downright impressive compared to many Bluetooth components. It also supports three different connection modes, including USB-C and auxillary cables.

Neither splash nor spill nor spray nor surf will deter this speaker from keeping the party alive. (Photo: Amazon)
Neither splash nor spill nor spray nor surf will deter this speaker from keeping the party alive. (Photo: Amazon)

Just hook this speaker onto a backpack and it'll stay put, but at under two pounds it's lightweight enough to be carried virtually anywhere. And when you consider that it has up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge, it becomes the ultimate party companion.

"A surprisingly powerful sound with no distortion at higher volume," said another five-star fan. "It has lots of features, I love that it can connect and hook up to another speaker to provide a surround sound experience. I find it very convenient that I can also use it to answer my phone. I used it to listen to music in my shower, and I was confident that it would be fine because of the waterproof feature. Overall, this is a powerful speaker that has great battery life, which makes it portable and travel-friendly."

With a range of up to 66 feet and up to 24 hours of battery life, this is one of the most impressive Bluetooth speakers we've seen — especially at this price point.
$34 at Amazon

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