Valve just announced a bunch of 2024 Steam sales and festivals and a lot of them are absolutely ridiculous

 Steam Deck.
Steam Deck.

Valve has announced its 2024 lineup of sales and festivals, and just check out some of the utterly ridiculous categories those goofy goobers have gone and thunk up.

The first is the Capitalism and Economy Fest, which sounds like a big ol' bummer, but it's actually just a classic Steam sale themed around games "about cold hard cash." As the announcement is a call for developers to submit their games for consideration, we don't yet know any specific titles that will be featured, but I'm assuming the category is exclusive to management sims in which the goal is to get rich on whatever in-game currency.

This one runs from January 8 to 15. In that time, you'll find discounted games, upcoming titles, free demos, and more, all related to "sweet sweet money and that well-known economic structure called capitalism." Yay... capitalism?

The full announcement, which you can read here, also lifted the lid on two other peculiar sales: The Ninja vs. Pirate Fest, and the Dinos vs. Robots Fest. The former, as you might've guessed by now, will include games heavily featuring a ninja or pirate (or both), and it'll run from February 26 to March 4. The Dinos vs. Robots Fest I'll assume needs no further introduction, and it runs in tandem with the Dinos vs. Robots shenanigans.

Finally, there's the much more boring, but probably still worthwhile, events like the good ol' Steam Next Fest, a celebration of upcoming events running from February 5 to 12; Remote Play Together, themed around games you can play with friends online and running from February 12 to 19; and finally, Deckbuilders Fest, a sale extravaganza focused on deckbuilding games, running from March 25 to April 1. All events start and end at 10am PST.

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