VALORANT x DJ Zedd collaboration released with new Spectrum bundle

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(Image: Riot Games)
(Image: Riot Games)

Riot Games on Wednesday (8 September) released a new skin bundle for their first-person shooter, VALORANT.

Unlike the previous iterations of weapon skins in the game, the Spectrum skin-line is perhaps the most ambitious of designs since Elderflame. Let us explain why.

Although the gun skins may look like they have a simplistic design on the surface, there is much more going on under the hood.

(Image: Riot Games)
(Image: Riot Games)

There is a custom Electronic Dance Music (EDM) track that plays whenever the last enemy is killed, specifically made by DJ Zedd, an EDM artist. Not only that, he also helped in creating and customising the sound design for the skins, from the tune the melee skin plays (yes, the knife plays music like a radio) to the kill banner sound effect.

Whenever the last enemy is killed, besides the custom EDM track, there will also be a lightshow if you killed the last enemy with a gun that has the Spectrum skin. 

If a spike is planted and in need of defusing, the EDM track that plays will be slightly muted so that you can hear the ticks of the spike.

(Image: Riot Games)
(Image: Riot Games)

The Spectrum bundle comes with skins for the melee, Classic, Bulldog, Guardian and Phantom. Each weapon will have a black, purple, and red colour variant that you can unlock using Radianite points, with the white colour being the base colour. 

Included in the bundle are also a gun buddy, player banner and in-game spray that you can use.

This is also VALORANT's most expensive skin bundle to date, costing a whopping 10,700 VALORANT Points (11,768 VPs cost S$128.98) to purchase.

Who is Zedd?

Zedd is a well-known German DJ, and he currently has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube. He also has millions of followers on both his Twitter and Instagram.

Zedd has also worked with Riot previously in 2016, releasing a song for League of Legends named “Ignite”.

Zedd and VALORANT sound designer Isaac Kikawa mix custom audio effects at the Riot Games sound studio (Photo: Riot Games)
Zedd and VALORANT sound designer Isaac Kikawa mix custom audio effects at the Riot Games sound studio (Photo: Riot Games)

Zedd has worked with many leading artists including Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Sandra Bullock, Rachel Weisz and Julia Roberts.

Not only that, he is also actually a very good VALORANT player and plays the game very often. Here are some old clips of him playing the game when he decided to stream his gameplay when VALORANT was released last year.

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