Uyaina injures leg after falling off stage in Indonesia



28 Aug – Uyaina recently revealed that she tore her right leg after falling down from the stage during the rehearsal for Indonesia's singing competition, D'Academy.

The actress and TV personality revealed that the incident was partly her own fault, as she miscalculated the length of a pit that served as a place for standing audiences.

"It was an hour or two before the live show. I saw Jirayut [Afisan] was doing the rehearsal. I am good friends with him, so I went to approach him," she said, saying that she took several steps back and that was how she fell into the pit.

"I was lucky to not fall on my face, but I twisted my ankle instead," she added.

The incident was also recorded by Uyaina herself on social media.

Uyaina stated that she still went on to co-host the show, though she had to do so in flats rather than high heels. Making things worse, co-host Gilang Dirga accidentally stepped on her foot during the show.

"I was rushed to the hospital after the show. I was lucky nothing got broken nor fractured. But when the physiotherapist came, I was told that I tore a muscle," she added.

Uyaina assured, however, that her leg is getting better, but that she can't move as much to ensure it recovers quicker.


The actress has started work in Indonesia recently
The actress has started work in Indonesia recently


(Photo Source: Uyaina IG)