Utah Police Officers Rescue Residents From Burning Home

Police in Roy City, Utah, said officers used large rocks to break the basement windows of a burning home to rescue the residents trapped inside in the early hours of November 5.

The dramatic rescue was captured on a responding officer’s body camera and shared to the department’s Facebook page.

According to the post, one resident was upstairs in the home and was awoken when officers began banging on the door. She was taken safely out of the home.

Two residents in the basement also heard the officers but were trapped due to heavy smoke. The video shows officers using a large rock to break the basement window and lifting the residents and their dog through the small window to safety.

According to news reports, the residents were taken to the hospital and officers treated for smoke inhalation. The fire started between the home’s carport and attic, the report said. The local chapter of the American Red Cross was assisting the displaced residents. Credit: Roy City Police Department via Storyful