Utah Family Rescues Ducklings Trapped in Storm Drain

A Utah family rescued 12 ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain and reunited them with their mother.

Josh Jacobs told Storyful that his mother Darcy Jacobs noticed a duck in her Orem yard but initially didn’t think anything of it. But when it remained there for some time she went to investigate and saw that it was staying close to where the ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain.

Darcy’s husband Mark Jacobs and son Chris helped open the drain while her other son Nathan climbed in and scooped the ducklings out. Credit: Darcy H Jacobs via Storyful

Video transcript


DARCY JACOBS: OK. At our house here in Orem, we've had this mommy duck hanging around. She's running away from me now. But she's hanging around protecting all of her little babies. Because all of her baby ducks got stuck down in this rain gutter. There's like 10 of them down there. It's crazy.

- You know, you can call the city. They'll come out and pry this up.

DARCY JACOBS: That's true.

- But it's Memorial Day. So never mind.

DARCY JACOBS: But can you see those baby ducks?

- Call them. And who knows, we might have it up by the time they get here.

- Yeah, good point.

DARCY JACOBS: There are like 10. Some are yellow.

- Oh, my gosh.

DARCY JACOBS: Some are brown.


DARCY JACOBS: And they're nice, and warm, and cozy down there.


DARCY JACOBS: But mama duck's been hanging around here all day. And she's way down there now. Because we're scaring her away. She's probably mad that we're over here by her babies. But we're going to try to save them for you, mama duck. We're going to get them for you.

- [INAUDIBLE] kind of a jar. Yeah.


You're moving it a little.

DARCY JACOBS: We're going to try to pry up this rain gutter.


See there's a parkway out there in the back that has a duck pond. And somehow the mama duck got away from that park. And her babies followed her and fell down in the rain gutter.

- Let's see if we can [INAUDIBLE].

DARCY JACOBS: Unless they somehow got washed away and ended up down there.


DARCY JACOBS: Trying to save the baby ducks.

- Oh, you're doing it. You're doing it. OK.

- Go, Chris, go.

- You got it. You got it.


DARCY JACOBS: [GASPS] Oh, my gosh, you did it! Amazing.

- Wait, wait, wait.


DARCY JACOBS: Oh, here comes the reveal.

- Watch out.

- OK. Now, hold on to the [INAUDIBLE]

Oh, my gosh, there's a [INAUDIBLE].


- Are you getting them?

DARCY JACOBS: --my goodness.

- [INAUDIBLE] where did the ducks go?

- In this corner.

DARCY JACOBS: OK. Mama duck, where did you go?

- There we go.

- Watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch.

- OK.

- They're all free.

- Can you get them one at a time?

DARCY JACOBS: Put them-- for now, put them inside this lawnmower thing.

- OK.

DARCY JACOBS: It'll keep them--


DARCY JACOBS: --warm and safe for just a second until we can release them all to their mommy. Yeah.

- Yeah, someone--

DARCY JACOBS: Good idea.

- OK.

- Hold it.

DARCY JACOBS: Hold it up.



DARCY JACOBS: Oh, they're running away.

- Oh, man.

- Mainly because of Nathan getting down there and getting them. Of course, Chris did get [INAUDIBLE]. Free the ducks.

DARCY JACOBS: Save the ducks.

- Save the ducks.

DARCY JACOBS: Save the ducks. Look it.

- Hey, mama, I got your duckies.

DARCY JACOBS: There's the mama.


Look at him. We're getting them for you, mama duck.

- I got two.

DARCY JACOBS: Ooh, two in one.

- From where I'm at, I can't see and reach at--


- --the same time.


- Oh, there's four more.

DARCY JACOBS: Oh, they're running away.


- In the sewer?

- They can't run away. There's another [INAUDIBLE].

DARCY JACOBS: Look how many! Look it. Turn [? that ?] [? duck ?] this way.


See, look it.

- [? Donald ?] duck is like, quack, quack.

DARCY JACOBS: Look at all of those.

- I got both [INAUDIBLE]

- Still more? [? There's ?] [? always ?] [? another. ?]

- [INAUDIBLE] I think that's all of them. [INAUDIBLE]

DARCY JACOBS: Oh, look at that!

- Oh, wow.

DARCY JACOBS: And now they're going to follow their mama duck.

- OK.


- So cute.

DARCY JACOBS: Now, how does she get through the gate? Do we need to go open that gate for her?

- No. They-- they find a way, I think. I mean, [INAUDIBLE]

- She just clobbered one.


- She's not trying to. But she just steps on one or--

- That's adorable.

- Man, Nathan and Chris, thank you for doing that.

DARCY JACOBS: You guys saved the ducks. Yay!

- They saved the ducks.

DARCY JACOBS: They saved the ducks.

- Did you get an official count on them?

- I was trying to do that.

DARCY JACOBS: And this is our Orem house.


DARCY JACOBS: We're just fixing up and mowing the lawn today.

- Chris.


- 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

- Because she's going nice and slow.

- There's 15. 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5--

- I got 12.

- --6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. I got 12.

DARCY JACOBS: 12 little ducks went out--

- 12.

DARCY JACOBS: --to play over the hills and far away. And Mommy lost them in the rain gutter.

- I bet they were just crossing the street. And they all got swept up in the rain gutter.

- Yeah.


- And it just pushed them all right down [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah, you're right. I bet you you're right [? there, Nate. ?]

- And then they've just been huddling down there.

- And see, they didn't even start chirping. We didn't even-- they didn't even start squawking until the mom was completely gone. She was right here honking and honking.

DARCY JACOBS: To let them know.

- Whatever ducks do, I guess.


- It wasn't until we chased her all the way around the tree [INAUDIBLE]

DARCY JACOBS: Look at them hopping up the stairs.

- Now, how did you know that there were little ducks there then?

DARCY JACOBS: I think mommy knows how to get back to her pond.

- [INAUDIBLE] area. And Mom said maybe she laid some eggs there in the tall grass. Eventually, she got scared enough and took off [? over ?] [? around that ?] [? big ?] pine tree. Well, as soon as the little ducks couldn't hear her voice anymore, they started making noise. And I was like, [INAUDIBLE]

DARCY JACOBS: Look it. They're having a hard time, but they're going to do it.

- [INAUDIBLE] we looked down in the [INAUDIBLE]

DARCY JACOBS: Wait for the last one, mama. OK. There they are. Take them back to the pond.


DARCY JACOBS: Take the back home, mama duck.



DARCY JACOBS: OK. We saved the ducks. We did our good deed for the day. And now, we're back to work.

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