Utah ‘Citizen Journalist’ Convicted for Role on Jan. 6

Toole County
Toole County

John Sullivan, an activist who tried to paint himself as a citizen journalist in court during his trial on charges relating to his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, was found guilty on all charges Thursday, WUSA9 reported. Sullivan had argued his chants of “We gotta get this shit burned” and “It’s our house motherfuckers!” were used as a method of blending in with the rioters while reporting. He was found guilty of four felony counts—including for carrying a knife into the Capitol—as well as several other misdemeanors. Sullivan violated the terms of his release just weeks after the insurrection after refusing to stay off social media. Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen once used Sullivan’s self-described ties to Black Lives Matter to falsely argue that “Antifa” was behind the riot. Sullivan will await sentencing in jail.

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