Usher and Jenn Goicoechea Got Their Marriage License Ahead of the Super Bowl

Usher is performing at the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, which is frankly the only reason some of us (me) are tuning in for this thing—aside from the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce of it all, ofc.

And while I challenge anyone to find a bigger fan of his than Kim Kardashian, Usher's family is his true cheerleading squad–including his girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea. Chances are you're well aware these two are dating (and have been for several minutes), but here's a deep dive on all things Jenn in case you need to brush up on your facts before Usher takes the stage.

They Just Got Their Marriage License

According to People, Usher and Jenn obtained a marriage license ahead of his Super Bowl performance in Clark County, Nevada. When exactly, you ask? On Thursday, February 8. TBD on when they're planning to tie the knot (the marriage certificate hasn't been filed yet), but I mean...they are currently in Vegas.

Jenn Is the SVP of A&R at Epic Records

Consider us impressed! According to People, Jenn also used to work as an assistant for Ciara and then worked with her mom, Barbara Goicoechea, at Miami-based production company ACT Productions.

She and Usher Have Two Adorable Kids Together

Usher and Jenn have a daughter named Sovereign Bo, whom they welcomed in 2020, as well as a son named Sire Castrello, whom they welcomed in 2021. (FYI: Usher also has two sons named Usher V and Naviyd Ely with his ex-wife Tameka Foster.)

Usher actually announced that Jenn was pregnant with Sovereign on Good Morning America, explaining to Ryan Seacrest, “Babies bring such joy. I was filling like, ‘Man, I almost perfected being able to get through an entire pregnancy with my girlfriend and the world not knowing about it. But it was a surprise. There was a photograph that was underway and I really wanted to make sure that people understood how excited I was about this moment and no one else could share it so I just jumped ahead and made it a public conversation. We’re very happy. Very excited. The kids are excited. Mom is excited. The family [is excited], everybody.”

She and Usher Couldn't Be Cuter

He opened up about their relationship last year, saying, “I got an amazing partner in life, Jennifer Goicoechea.” He also noted, “Yeah, my momma like her and love her too. Hard to accomplish that too, those two things."

Oh, and in case you're wondering, these two started dating in October 2019, when they were allegedly spotted kissing while backstage at the Hollywood Bowl.

That's pretty much all the relevant info about Jenn + Usher + their cute family. But before we go, let's circle back to Usher's Super Bowl performance real quick.

Usher chatted about what fans can expect from the show with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, saying, “This is the most grand stage to ever play on. Those 13 minutes mean everything. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time." He added, "I’ve been asked many a time, ‘What are the benchmarks? What are the things that matter the most to you?’ Being able to perform on that stage, because so many amazing performers throughout the years have graced it and done an amazing job.”

Oh, and as for guests who may or may not show up: It's too early to know for sure, but Usher said “Well, one thing I can say is I’ve collaborated with a lot of incredible artists throughout the years....There’ll be many more Sundays to talk about this leading up to the grand Sunday of all."

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