Used Indonesian goods collector finds diamond ring worth RM24,000, uses cash to build own house and get married

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Garbage collector gathered the courage to propose to his girlfriend after owning his own home. ― Pexels pic
Garbage collector gathered the courage to propose to his girlfriend after owning his own home. ― Pexels pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 ― An Indonesian used goods collector was overjoyed when he unearthed a diamond ring that also happened to fit his ring finger.

According to, Harianto, 34, discovered the ring five years ago following a fire at the Supit Urang rubbish dump in Sukun District, Kota Malang, Indonesia.

Exactly five days after the tragedy, the father of three discovered a diamond ring worth 80 million Rupiah (RM 24,000) while looking through half-burned garbage.

Harianto, who initially felt the ring he discovered was worthless, sold it the next day and built a house near his parents' home.

“It was a diamond ring. It was as wide as my ring finger and there was a diamond about the size of a corn kernel.

“The next day I sold the ring to Sawojajar and I was surprised that the ring would cost 80 million Rupiah.”

Harianto, who worked as a garbage collector for 25 years, added that owning his own home gave him the confidence to propose to his girlfriend.

The couple now have three children.

“It wasn't long before I started dating, but I didn't dare to get married. But when I got a house, I immediately proposed to my girlfriend.

“I'm grateful to be able to have a household with children and it's pretty good to work like this even though it's dirty,” he said.

Harianto earns between 80,000 and 100,000 Rupiah (RM23.42 to 29.27) per day.

According to UPT Supit Urang TPA head Budi Heriyanto, collectors of used goods often uncover precious items including guns and newborn infants.

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